Q: What are your current COVID-19 Policies, Procedures, Operating Hours, etc?

A: We continue to work our regular showroom hours, Mon-Friday (8AM-5PM). Our office staff are all wearing masks and as per the Sarnia Mandatory Face Coverings By-law enacted on July 31, 2020, all customers are required to wear face coverings as well. We ask that our customers keep 6' social distancing in mind at all times and thank everyone for their cooperation and care during these challenging times. 


In addition to masks and social distancing we have hand sanitizer available to all customers inside to help prevent the spread of the virus.  

As for our crews, we have access to (and utilize) the proper PPE at all times. They wear masks, gloves and have disinfectant wipes to clean up after themselves. Just as important, the drop sheets used are disinfected every night to prevent the potential spread of the virus from home to home.


Finally, we screen both the homeowners and our employees prior to jobs being completed.

For those interested in further information, we also keep a detailed policy posted on our door.

Q: Do you offer any forms of financing?
A: No. Unfortunately, we do not offer any sort of financing. By not including these additional fees into our pricing, we are able to remain competitive. Most often times, it is more affordable to finance purchases through your own financial institution.

Q: Will you retail me product, without installation?
A: Of course! Bring us your sizes and an idea of what you are looking for and our staff should be able to help you out! And for the new home builder, we offer a full line transoms, elipses and round tops in the latest technology, custom designed to suit you and your home.

Q: Where are your windows made?
A: All of our windows and doors are Canadian-made and custom-made to fit your opening!

Q: What is your warranty?
A: Our windows boast a lifetime warranty, while our doors offer a ten year warranty. We will also guarantee our installations for five years. So if any warranty issues should arise within the first five years of installation, both product and installation will be covered. After that time, the product will be provided as per warranty specifications and you can either choose to service the product yourself or have us look after it for you.

Q: Do you use outside or sub-contractors?
A: No. We have our own GREAT crew of experienced and knowledgeable employees who will carry out the installations. Each is fully insured and bondable.

Q: I recently replaced my windows with energy efficient windows. Why do I have condensation forming on the glass?
A: Condensation occurs on windows when the surface temperature of the glass, sash, or frame is lower than the dew point of the humid air surrounding it. The moisture, naturally occurring in the air as vapour changes to liquid, when it contacts the cold surface. 

Q: How can I reduce the condensation on my windows?
A: There are numerous things that a homeowner can do to reduce/eliminate the condensation on windows.

  • Buy windows that contain convection limiting inert gas (i.e. argon gas) and low emmissivity (low E) coatings that increase the temperature of the glass.

  • Keep blinds/curtains open whenever possible - this allows air to flow rather than be trapped at the glass.

  • Reduce the number of plants in the immediate vicinity of the windows - they add moisture to the air.

  • Turn bathroom fans on when in use. Likewise, turn range hood fans or ceiling fans on in the kitchen when cooking.

  • Avoid hanging laundry inside to dry.

  • Set the humidity level on the furnace at the appropriate level; decrease the relative humidity of the indoor air; disconnect any humidifiers.

  • Install an air exchanger in the home; many new homes come equipped with one.

Q: There is moisture on the glass surface of my windows that I cannot wipe off from the inside or outside. What has happened?
A: The seal of your window has gone. It may only be slightly noticeable at first and may appear to go away with the changing temperature, however, it will progressively get worse. Check with the manufacturer of your window or the company that installed the windows to see if a warranty applies. Warranties in the window industry vary. There may even be limitations such as change in ownership that will void the warranty.

Q: My casement hardware is broken. Can I get it replaced?
A: Unfortunately not all hardware is interchangeable. If you have a problem with your hardware, first look to see if you can determine the manufacturer of the window, then get in contact with them; you will need to know the size of your window as well which side the hinge is on as viewed from the exterior. We only carry parts for the windows we sell; we may not be able to service your window and a fee will be implemented.

Q: Why do my windows leak during the winter season?
A: If you notice leakage only during the winter months, the most likely culprit is ice damming. 

Q: What is ice damming?
A: Ice damming is the accumulation of ice at the eaves and valley of roofs. The continuous, freeze and thaw over unheated areas that causes ice to build up and prevent water from running off the roof. It has no place to go so it seeps under the layered roofing system. 

Q: Can I prevent ice damming?
A: A number of precautions can be taken by a homeowner to reduce or prohibit the damage caused by ice damming.

  • Seal plumbing ventilations and any exterior outlets such as fan exhausts with caulking.

  • Ensure the attic has adequate ventilation, and insulation.

  • Vent all exhaust fans to the outside of home.


Q: My windows are leaking at the top. What could the problem be?
A: The problem most likely does not lie in the window or even in the siding, but rather in your roof. Lack of a proper roof drip edge means that falling water is not projecting out over your siding, but rather seeps in behind your siding and down sheeted walls.