The Standard Patio Doors Renaissance patio door is an elegant, heavy-duty, double glazed, PVC sliding patio door. It has been designed to exceed the requirements of the most demanding client, looking for a high-quality sliding patio door. Not only does it meet the highest level of security in North America, but it also meets the highest levels of performance in the sliding patio door category. It boasts a double glazed insulated glass system with a foam warm-edged spacer, and high-pile weather stripping, making the Renaissance door a perfect solution for extreme lakefront and coastal exposures. Combine these features with the solid, vinyl-clad wood frame, self-lubricating nylon wheels, and a selection of accessories, and you've got a user-friendly and high-peforming sliding patio door!

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Like the Renaissance door, the Belle-vue Eclipse is a luxurious sliding patio door with blinds built into the sealed double glazed unit. The blinds can be tilted to any angle and raised/lowered for light and privacy control. Unlike other doors, Belle-vue Eclipse offers increased functionality, design, comfort, and security - all with very low maintenance.

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KV Custom Windows & Doors offers the industry’s most popular patio door, Performer Series 1000, which combines cutting-edge technology and manufacturing for outstanding reliability. The wood buck vinyl-clad Performer 1000 includes premium options such as interior and exterior finishes, high-performance security options, and unbeatable glazing. KV proudly presents a door built with high-design and years of maintenance-free performance. The Performer patio door has a 5 ½” standard vinyl/wood mechanical frame and is available in eight standard width, two standard heights, three solid PVC colors, three Woodgrain laminate finishes and many painted colors.

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