A garden door is more than just an entryway. It is an ideal way to enhance your view and add style to your home. Available in a wide variety of styles, privacy levels and sizes; both in-swing orout-swing.

Steel terrace doors have become the product of choice for most new construction and renovations projects, and with proper attention to strength, quality and energy efficiency issues, offer a great solution to homeowners. Our steel garden doors offer various features and additional benefits to withstand our climate.

  • An adjustable self-draining door sweep directs rain water to the self-draining sill, eliminating water leaks to interior floor yet allowing for movement with affecting the door seal.

  • Warm edge self-draining door sill provides a solid foundation to support weight, while directing rain water to the exterior of door and eliminating interior condensation.

  • The insulated steel door panel is constructed of 24-gauge galvanized steel slabs with wood and CFC free polyurethane foam insulation core, and 12" wood lock block.

  • Our oversized 1½" wood jambs provide additional strength against warping. In comparison to the industry standard 1¼", a heavier frame anchors the hinges, supporting the door panels and heavy glass.

  • The 18-gauge 12" steel plate applied to the jambs where the handle and lock are located, provides maximum security against break-ins.

  • Ball bearing hinges, available in brass, nickel or patina finishes, provide effortless swing, maximum support and durability while allowing you to keep the aesthetic style of your home.

  • Door panels compress tight against hinge jamb bulb weather stripping to prevent drafts, while the magnetic weather stripping surrounding the top and operating side magnetizes to the steel door, giving a consistent seal against air flow (similar to a refrigerator door!)

  • Prefinished white steel slabs mean no painting. And with a multitude of factory-finished colour options to choose from, you are sure to find a colour that suits your home.

  • One fixed and one operable steel panel. Sliding track and screen.


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