Both sashes slide horizontally in a double-sliding window. Only one sash slides in a single-sliding window. Ventilation area can vary from a small crack to an opening of one-half the total glass area. Screens are placed on the exterior of the window unit. 

Vinyl Window Designs' easy-to-clean horizontal side slide tilt windows are functional yet very versatile, and one of the most customer-friendly windows available. With a very flexible range of motion, windows open effortlessly for controlled air circulation and tilting to assist with cleaning. The fully weatherstripped interlock and triple weatherstripping will keep you and your family cosy for years to come.

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KV Custom Windows & Doors double tilt sliders are perfect for large window areas. One sash glides smoothly over another to offer maximum ventilation without obstructing your view. With a common exterior design, they create an attractive unified look when paired with the matching slider or fixed windows.

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